Friday, July 19, 2013

FREE One Day Pass To Sam's Club

Confession: I'm a coupon freak. I don't think I'd qualify for Extreme Couponing but I qualify for "if I want to make my budget work, I had better figure out a way to save money!" and I do that mainly through shopping sales and couponing. Eventually I'll incorporate all of my couponing skills into this blog but for now, I'll just let you know if I see a really good deal that everyone should take advantage of!

Right now there is a printable Sam's Club coupon for a free day pass! If you don't have a membership or you've been considering getting one, take advantage of this and stock up on bulk items. In this house, we'd save a ton of money by buying ranch and ketchup in bulk. I always joke that I should invest in stock for those items because we go through them so fast!

Anyway, enough about my family's obsession with ranch and ketchup, here's the link to the coupon:

Just print it out and take it your nearest Sam's Club. You can even browse online before you go into the store! Expires 07/31/13

If you print it out, shoot me a comment to let me know so that I know to post more deals! :)


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