Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bkeepsake Personalized Book Winner Re-Draw

Unfortunately, the first winner of the Bkeepsake Personalized Children's Book didn't reply back to me so I had to choose a new winner.

The new winner is....

Congrats, Mihaela! Check your email! You have 48 hours to reply to my email or I have to choose a new winner (and PLEASE don't make me do that again!!).

Didn't win? That's ok, I have a ton more giveaways for you to enter below!!

{Encourages Picky-eaters! It helped my child, I'm sure it can help yours!}
Click the picture below to enter it!

Boogie Wipes - Ends 8/25
Click the picture below to enter it!

Pampers Kandoo - Ends 8/25
Click the picture below to enter it!

Woolzies Dryer Balls - Ends 8/29
Click the picture below to enter it!

Group Giveaways:

#Back2SchoolBash Giveaways:
(Links are in sidebar)
Day 8 - Custom Embroidered Backpack
Day 9 - Custom Kid's T-Shirt
Day 10 - Teacher Tumbler
Day 11 - Teacher Planner
Day 12 - Custom Lanyard
Day 13- $20 g/c to Owl Paper Scissors
Day 14 - $20 g/c to MyaC Designs
Day 15 - Custom Monogrammed Clipboard
Day 16 - $50 g/c to Burlap Butterfly
Bonus Day- $50 g/c to Mixed Bags

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