Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Visiting Las Vegas, NV and The Day I Met Ice-T

To put it simply, we love Las Vegas! This past June, we went to Vegas with my Mom. She grew up in Vegas and we stayed with family that lives there. I cannot believe how much fun we had. Next time we go, I really want to get a hotel room on The Strip for at least one night though just for the experience (not that I don't love staying with my family!).

New York New York Roller Coaster
We happened to be there for our second wedding anniversary (it was just a coincidence!) so my husband and I celebrated by going to a show. We went and saw Coco Austin in the Peepshow, which is something that I have wanting to do for years (even when Holly Madison was doing it)! Although the show was AMAZING, the best part of the whole night was when I met ICE-T! After we sat in our seats for the show, Ice-T sat down RIGHT in front of us. He shook our hands, congratulated us on our anniversary and we had a conversation about being married, but best of all... I told him about my Dad. Meeting Ice-T meant so much more to me than just "meeting a famous person." The last couple years of my Dad's life, he couldn't do much so he watched a lot of TV. Law and Order SVU was one of his favorite shows and we would watch it literally all day long. I have many happy memories watching SVU with my dad, so meeting Ice-T made it feel like my dad was with me that night.

I was in Heaven during the show; I had just met Ice-T, I was in Las Vegas, I wasn't completely sober, and I was about to watch my first Burlesque show and then it hit me... I wasn't going to be able to run home and tell my Dad that I had just met Ice-T. I wouldn't be able to watch his face light up as I shared my excitement with him. It was a bittersweet moment for me and I missed my dad more than ever. I didn't let it damper my Vegas experience but I may or may not have sobbed on the phone with my mom inside a crowded elevator.

ANYWAY, if you're planning a trip to Vegas, here are some helpful tips!
M&M World on The Strip

MUST-DO list:
- Go to a show.
- Bellagio Fountains.
- Bellagio Garden.
- Zipline down Fremont Street.
- Walk down The Strip (duh).
- New York-New York Roller Coaster.
- Eat at In N Out. (We don't have them in Michigan but I would give my left leg to get one here!)
-And if you have a kid, you HAVE to feed the fish at Lake Mead. So much fun!

Things to avoid:
- The Mob Museum. (They had a shirt there that read, "I didn't see anything at the Mob Museum" and no truer words have ever been written)
- The men (and women) shoving hookers ad in your face (on the strip mainly).
Bellagio Garden Conservatory
Feeding the fish in Lake Mead!

Overall, we had a GREAT trip. Baby Z loved watching the people everywhere we went and my hubby and I loved shopping for souvenirs and sightseeing! We cannot wait to go back and do even more. I really want to see Claire Sinclair's show "Pin-Up" and I really want to see Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat!

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? What was your favorite thing to do there?


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