Monday, September 23, 2013

Candy Corn Toddler Craft

Welcome to the 2nd day of Fall, ya'll! haha This is the first Fall-themed craft we have done this year and Baby Z had so much fun with it. Depending on how independant your toddler/child is, they could probably set this one up by themselves! 

All you need is:
-black paper
-yellow paper
-orange paper
-white paper
-white crayon

1. Draw the candy corn shape on black paper.
2. Rip up yellow, orange, and white papers into little pieces.
3. Glue the pieces of paper inside the candy corn shape.
4. Repeat until the candy corn outline is full!

Baby Z helped me with almost every step! She loved helping me rip up all of the paper (I think that was her favorite part), then I had her pick up a piece and I put a dab of glue on it for her. I tried to guide her where to put it by tapping a place on the paper with my finger. As you can see, she did AMAZING! I'm very proud of my 21 month old! 

Keep a lookout for more Toddler Fall Crafts coming soon!


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