Tuesday, March 24, 2015

DIY Beautiful Window Art Suncatchers Craft

I was inspired by the glue frames at Play At Home Mom to use glue, food coloring, and dollar store frames to make some really nice window art! I knew Z would absolutely love doing this craft but I was surprised by how much I loved it as well! This has to be one of Z's and my top 5 favorite crafts of all time and we had such a blast making them and I hope you do as well!

These cute suncatchers have been on my to-do list for awhile now because I've had dollar store frames sitting around for about a year with no purpose. I knew we would need a lot of glue for this so I have looked at every store I've gone to lately for a gallon size of Elmer's Glue. Let me save you the trip, you wont find it. Just take the plunge and order it on Amazon. Totally worth it. I also bought the condiment jars from Walmart but they can be found on Amazon as well (I posted Amazon affiliate links below for everything you need).

Supplies Needed:
Dollar store frames
Hot glue gun (and glue gun sticks of course)
Elmer's Glue (a lot)
Food coloring
Squeezable bottles
Suction cups (for hanging)
You can find the links to everything you need below!

To start the project off, you just pop out the backing of the photo frame leaving the glass and the frame only. Then use your hot glue gun to glue the glass to the frame and once they are glued together, glue around the whole edge of the frame to create an extra sealant so the artwork wont leak out.

This is what they looked like while they were drying.
All you need to make the different colors is Elmer's glue and food coloring. We just used the four food coloring choices we had on hand but I think next time we do this project, we are going to mix the colors together to see how many other colors we can make as well!

Once everything is all set to go, put down some old newspaper (or any type of paper) and let your kids go to town! I imagine any age from 2 and up would love this, even older kids! Heck, I got in on the fun too. One thing to note is that these take forever to dry-- I let ours sit out for 3 days undisturbed and that would my suggestion for you too. Then, I gorilla glued 4 suctions cups (that I bought from the dollar store) on each one and hung them in the window.

I love how simple yet beautiful it is. Making two suncatchers entertained Z for almost 2 hours! We had wonderful discussions about the different colors and she had such a great time. She told me this was her "favorite craft" with her "favorite colors" lol The only thing that surprised me was that as the art dried, bubbles in the glue started to appear. I wonder how to prevent that...


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