Friday, July 31, 2015

Guest Post: Anna Dupree - Your New Wellness Advocate!

Hi! I’m Anna Dupree, and I want to be your Wellness Girlfriend

I’m a Board Certified Health Counselor, Wellness Advocate, and Mom. And I have a gift for you today! 

I help busy women feel skinny, sexy, confident and comfortable by showing them how to live a healthy lifestyle that is realistic, lose weight without dieting, get rid of tummy troubles naturally, and have oodles of energy to live your healthiest, most fulfilling life yet!

I know that right now you might be worried about getting rid of baby weight after your bundle of joy arrives or maybe you’re wondering what you can do to become more healthy now that you’re pregnant. I’m here to help! 

I’m a work-at-home mom with a jam packed schedule. AND I LOVE IT. But there was a time when I was stuck in a rut and threw the same meals together, time after time, because it was easy. My family became bored and I honestly I did too. They turned to tasty treats like ice cream, cookies and doughnuts after dinner to satisfy their taste buds and I felt like I was letting them down.
If you are anything like I was I bet you are feeling tired, sluggish, moody, hormonally unbalanced, bloated and carrying around extra weight as a result of your habits.

For 15 years, I’ve battled stomach issues. I had excess acid I could feel swishing around in my stomach. I could often hear it gurgle. I’ve always have excess stomach acid, indigestion, or stomach bloat and sometimes a combination of these all at once. It was really uncomfortable and, honestly, feeling like this all the time wore me out. 

My energy levels were depleted. We are talking zilch, nada, zero energy. Not only did I feel terrible, but I didn’t like the looks of it either. My stomach was always puffy and bloated and I had bags under my eyes most days. I tried every diet out there to get rid of the bloat, indigestion, and excess stomach acid, but nothing worked. I was frustrated and confused as to what to do next.

I did a ton of research, as I’m sure you have! Eventually, I decided to further my education in nutrition and wellness. I learned how to eat for me and to improve my digestive health (so long stomach bloat, indigestion, heartburn and excess stomach acid!). I learned it is OK to eat the foods that make you feel good even if they don’t follow a particular diet. It is OK not to eat vegetarian, vegan or follow a Paleo diet 100% of the time.

I learned that even healthy foods can make you feel not so good. Salads make me feel sick. Romaine, spinach and arugula are all healthy foods that make delicious salads, but they don’t work for me. They make me bloated, increase my stomach acid, give me indigestion amongst other things so I rarely eat these foods.

The most important lesson I learned was: We are all unique  so the way of eating that works for your friend, co-worker or mom may not work for you. Want to find out what works for you? I can help! I want to help! 
So I began creating programs for busy women who want to change their lifestyle to become healthier. I know from experience that being a mom is an extremely busy job!

I would like to offer all of the readers of  I’m No Domestic Goddess an invitation to join, for free, my exclusive 6-day Get Moving support group: Join like-minded individuals and take this journey together! Let us support you as you work towards reaching your goals. We’ll be there to help you back up when you stumble and celebrate your successes! Here, you can feel safe discussing what might be holding you back or what you’re feeling. After all, weight loss can be an emotional journey as well. 

Additionally, right now, I’m offering my Slim Down Challenge (worth over $2000 and sold normally for $299) for only $67! I know, I must be crazy! I just really love helping people get healthy! 
In this program you would get: 
  • A step-by-step weight loss e-Guide that breaks everything down for you so you know exactly what to do every step of the way to drop weight.
  • 2 weeks of suggested meals & shopping lists. This is a HUGE TIMESAVER.
  • 14 days of meals and recipes listed out day by day to make weight loss easy.
  • 4 bonus handouts. 
  • Private Facebook Group for motivation, accountability, support and daily tips.
  • E-mail access to me throughout the entire length of the program.
  • Lifetime access to my Exclusive Healthy Living Online Community for additional support, motivation and daily health and wellness tips.
  • Access to our wonderfully supportive Get Moving Challenge Group

This price will be going up to it’s normal price of $299 on August 20th, so sign up now and lock in your deal! Don’t worry, if you sign up now and aren’t ready to start because you’re pregnant or a new mom, let me know and we’ll find the perfect time for you to start AND make sure you get this amazing deal before it’s gone! 

If you sound like you could benefit from some help and you’re ready to ditch diets and gain energy, sign up for my FREE Facebook Community, The Wellness Cafe or visit my blog for healthy tips and tricks. 

You can also sign up for my mailing list and get a sneak peek at the Fall Freebies I’ll be offering this fall!

I hope to chat soon! 



About Anna: I work from my home in New Jersey while raising my son Owen. I love motivating and inspiring others to be the healthiest they can be, spending time in the kitchen whipping up delicious, simple meals and sharing my knowledge of healthy living with you! Contact me at if you want to discover a healthier lifestyle that already fits into your busy life including what foods you should eat to look and feel your best.


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