Thursday, September 10, 2015

Old Wives Tales Baby Gender Predictions

Next week I'm going in for my ultrasound to find out if Baby #2 is a boy or a girl!! Just for fun, I figured I'd do a post about old wives tales (you gotta make pregnancy fun somehow or it really seems to last forever!). For my first pregnancy, most of the old wives tales I did ended up leaning toward girl and obviously, Z ended up being a girl! So, this time around, I thought I'd compose a list of some of the old wives tales that were accurate last time and we'll see if they're accurate again!

History of Parent's Kids

"According to old wives tales, you can find out the sex by going off of your parent's kids and the order. If you are the first born, you will have what your mother had but starting with her second child. If you are the middle child, you will have what she had, but starting with the third child. If you are the last child, you will have what your mother had in the exact order." 

This one is kind of confusing but I figured I'd throw it in because technically it was correct guessing my firstborn's gender! I'm a middle child and my mom's 3rd child was a girl (me actually. lol) and her 4th was a boy. That means I would have a girl first and then a boy. Z is obviously a girl so this tale would indicate my next one would be a boy.

Moodiness and a Little Pecker

"If you are really moody, you are having a girl since you have extra girl hormones in you. Your pregnancy will make you smile and be more happy if you are having a boy because there's a little penis inside you." 

This one makes me laugh. BUT it was accurate for my firstborn! One of my first pregnancy symptoms with Z was my moodiness. I was a complete wreck and it continued throughout my whole pregnancy. I have been pretty happy throughout this whole pregnancy and only had a few mood swings here and there so far. This would indicate that I'm having a boy.

Chinese Gender Chart

"The Chinese Gender Chart claims to have an accuracy rate of over 90%. It is based on how old the mother is at conception and the month that she conceived."

There are several chinese gender charts out there but I'm going by the Ancient Chinese Gender Chart and I know for a fact that this one was accurate for my first pregnancy. This time it says boy.

Baby Weight

"If you're carrying baby in front, it's a boy. Is the baby weight spaced all around your middle? It's a girl."

I gained weight all over with Z and I felt like I was as wide as a house! This time, I noticed really early in the pregnancy that everything shifted from my love handles to my stomach! So I'm carrying all of my fat and baby weight in my middle. This would indicate a boy.

Sweet vs. Salty 

"If you find yourself craving all things sweet, that’s a sign you’re having a girl. Cravings for salty or even protein-rich foods mean it might be a boy."

My biggest craving when I was pregnant with Z was Starbursts and PB&J! This pregnancy I have been craving Coney Dogs (its a Michigan thing), rice krispie treats, and tortilla chips with cheese dip! This would indicate a boy.

Morning Sickness

"If you had a smooth pregnancy with no morning sickness, it's a boy. If you were sick or felt really nauseous during your pregnancy, count on a girl."

I was nauseous throughout my entire pregnancy with Z and threw up 3 times total in the first trimester. This pregnancy, the first trimester was pure hell. There were days that I barely ate because I was so sick to my stomach. Thankfully, around 12 weeks, the morning sickness wore off and I feel GREAT now! But since I did have morning sickness this time, this would indicate I'm having a girl.

Baby Names

"It is said that when you can only think of specific names for a boy or a girl, you will have that particularly baby."

This was actually the opposite with Z but I wanted to include it anyway. I was 100% set sure on my boy names and she ended up being a girl. This time around, I'm only 100% on the girl names so that would indicate (according to my own pattern) that I'd be having a boy.

So the results definitely favor us having a boy. Remember, I only used old wives tales that proved accurate for us when I was pregnant with Z. This pregnancy has just been completely 100% different than my last one which you would think would indicate the baby is a different gender! I would really love a boy so that we have one of each but at the same time, I cant imagine not having another girl! I love having a baby girl! Keep a look out for my conclusion post to find out if our little pumpkin is a boy or a girl!!


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