Monday, November 14, 2016

10 Different Uses for Swaddle Blankets (Other than Swaddling)

Both of my baby girls have outgrown the swaddle stage but swaddling blankets continue to be my most useful baby item. I absolutely love swaddle blankets and I use them for EVERYTHING. I always have at least two in my car and one in every room of my house because they are seriously so handy!

Stroller Cover - As the mom of an infant, this is my absolute favorite way to use swaddle blankets. When your child falls asleep in the stroller (or infant car seat) and the stroller umbrella just isn't cutting it, this thing is a lifesaver. It's light enough that you don't have to worry about baby overheating but it's heavy enough to block out the sunlight or wind. Brilliant!

Burp Cloth - Have a baby that spits up a lot? Forget those tiny little burp cloths! Swaddle blankets are big enough to cover a huge area. Save your shirts, floors, and furniture! If you have a baby that spits up frequently, you totally understand how important these were to me when Baby C was just a few months old. 

Changing Pad/ Changing Pad Cover - I use swaddle blankets every single time I change my baby's diaper. Whether I'm changing the baby on the floor, the couch, on a public changing table...  Yes, they make diaper changing travel pads but that's just one more item you wouldn't need in your baby bag.

Photo Backdrop - Many swaddle blankets come with cute designs on them. You can use them as photo backdrops for your baby or even for other photo opportunities. I've found them so useful as photo backdrops for items I want to sell on Craigslist or even for blog posts!

Nursing Cover - I'm one of those women that has no problem nursing in public with no cover BUT I completely respect women who prefer nursing covers and a swaddle blanket is the perfect nursing cover. Light enough for baby to breathe but still covers everything.

Picnic/Tummy Time Blanket - Need something to lay out on the grass or carpet? Just reach for the nearest swaddle blanket! They are soft, strong, and perfect for any picnic out or tummy time moment!

Beach Cover Ups - Swaddle blankets make perfect beach sarongs! Just tie one around your waist and you're good to go! One less thing to pack for your day at the beach and fashionable too. 

Dry Towel - When in a pinch, just grab one of these useful blankets out of your diaper bag as a towel. They are great for spills, trips to the Splash Park, and other accidents that commonly occur with kids.

Imaginative Play - My five year old has found tons of uses for swaddle blankets! She uses them as baby doll blankets, superhero capes, dress-up ghosts, to make blanket forts, and she even asked me wrap one around her to make a baby sling for her! Swaddle blankets are absolutely great to help little ones with their imaginations! 

Light Blankets - Swaddle blankets keep out wind and excess sunlight so they make perfect light blankets for babies and children. They keep out wind and excess sunlight without being too warm. Perfect for Spring, Summer, and Fall!
My newest swaddle blankets are Snugglupagus Muslin Swaddle Blankets. They're a brand that's primarily in boutique baby stores but are now available online too! They are high-quality, super cute, and stylish too.  They come in a 3-Pack and can be found on their website at!

Do you use swaddle blankets for things other than swaddling? Do you have ideas that aren't on the list? Share below! 

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