Monday, December 19, 2016

Personalized Santa Freebies!

Who doesn't love freebies?! One of my favorite freebies this time of year is free letters from Santa! Z is really excited this year for Santa and she has already asked me to help her write out her Christmas list so I knew she would adore getting a personalized letter from Santa. During my search, I found several other free ways to communicate with Santa! Here are my favorites!

Letter To Santa
Before we get into a letter from Santa, what about a letter to Santa? Z is only 4 so she's not quite at the "write a whole letter to Santa" stage so I found a fill-in-the-blank template from Dolled Up Design that is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers! It allows them write in their age, what they want for Christmas, and even gives them room to draw a picture!

Letter From Santa
There are a ton of websites to find free letters from Santa but is my favorite. Their site is easy to use, they have several templates to choose from, and they let you preview the letter before deciding to save it (not all the websites have this option!). Just fill in the blanks with your child's information, print it out, and you get a free letter from Santa!

Free Phone Call With Santa
Through Dial My Calls, you can personalize a phone call from Santa in a few different ways to make it a great experience for your kids. You can customize the free call from Santa with your child's name or a general greeting if you don't find their name on the list. 

USPS Free Letter From Santa
With the Santa Mail program from USPS, kids can get a reply back from Santa when they write him a letter and send him their Christmas wish list. You'll need to include a personalized response from Santa, but then the USPS will mail you back the letter from Santa, with a postmark right from North Pole, Alaska.

Buy a Letter/Package from Santa
Don't have the time or the want to print out your own letter? I understand that! Holidays are a busy time for most families and adding something else on your to-do list isn't always possible so I recommend Santa Will Write to you! I worked with them a few years back and they sent Z the most amazing package from Santa. She talked about it for months!

What do you do to keep the magic alive during the holiday season?


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