Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Daddy's Little Monsters Craft-- Free Printable!

Father's Day is this weekend! Z loves arts and crafts so I knew I wanted to help her make something for my husband for Father's Day. I wanted to include the baby in the project too so I searched for ideas but couldn't quite find what I wanted. So, I made my own template, printed it out, and we got to work creating our monsters!

Daddy's Little Monsters Craft

Supplies Needed:
Paper (I recommend cardstock)
Optional: Glitter, googly eyes

Directions are self explanatory! Print out the template (or make your own) and let your little one's imaginations go to work! I helped both girls make their actual handprints and then I let Z decorate the monsters in any way she wanted; different paints, googly eyes, glitter glue, etc. I think they turned out pretty cute-- and they were easy and fun to make too! I think I love them so much that I will frame it for Kevin's home office!


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