Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tasty Bite Review

My sister (Erin) and I are both gluten-intolerant so when I was asked to try some GF Indian dishes from Tasty Bite, I just knew that this was something the two of us would enjoy together. Erin loves Indian food and eats it all the time whereas I have never had it before so this was a completely new experience for me. I was also happy that her boyfriend, Joe, showed up in the middle of it all so he could join us for not only a male perspective but for a non-GF perspective as well.

Before I tried the food, I wanted to get to know the company a bit and I love what I found! Tasty Bite was started in 1995 and currently offers Indian entrées, Asian Noodles, rice, and meal inspirations. I have so much respect for this company for its efforts to help their communities and for trying to better the world we live in. Tasty Bite is a shining light among the greedy companies we see in the world today and I am proud to have them on my blog.

From their website, “Tasty Bite has a disaster relief program, where food is moved to provide relief in the case of natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, the Asian Tsunami and the earthquake in Haiti.  Tasty Bite also has unique programs in energy and agriculture.  Today, 80% of the energy used in the Tasty Bite factory comes from renewable sources such as sugarcane byproducts and food and crop waste.  Also, the Tasty Bite farm is used as a demonstration farm to educate community farmers on high yielding, sustainable agricultural methods.  As we work toward delivering great-tasting flavors of the world to you, we strive to make a difference in our own community as well.”

Erin, Joe, and I were lucky enough to try (6) 1-Step Entrees from Tasty Bite! I love that each one is all-natural and contains nothing artificial. I was also pleasantly surprised at how authentic each and every one of the dishes tasted but out of the 6 entrees and rice packages we tried, I think my personal favorite was the Bombay Potatoes; they were the tastiest potatoes I've ever eaten. The flavor was just exquisite and they tasted great with brown rice but I imagine they would taste awesome in a tortilla shell with some cheese on top!

Erin said her favorite was the Channa Masala and although it wasn't my favorite, it was still very good. Erin usually doesn't like lentil but she tried the Madras Lentils anyways and we both agreed that it tasted really good mixed in with rice but it definitely needed the rice for a texture boost.

The day after our Indian feast, I saw a post on the Tasty Bite facebook page about lentil and cheese on top of a tortilla chip and it looks amazing! I will buying more of the Madras Lentil so I can try that!

Joe had shown up after everything was already made and was surprised when we told him it was all microwaved; the food tastes so authentic that he thought we had made it from scratch! His favorite was the Ginger Lentil Rice and he even said, “I could just eat a whole bowl of this and be good.” Ha! We all agreed that we love the bold flavor of the Ginger Lentil Rice and it was gone within minutes.

I think the most surprising one to me was the Thai Lime Rice, it had such a delicate, light flavor. I actually really enjoyed it even though I wasn't very excited to try it. I think it would be a really great side dish for a bold flavored entrée.

Overall, everything tasted delicious and the flavors were astounding. We all decided that these are completely worth the money and we would gladly buy them. You can buy them online at their website for $3.29 a piece or you can buy them at any major retailer! I have seen them at my local Walmart!

You can find Tasty Bite on Facebook, Twitter, and their website.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. I was provided samples to review and all opinions belong to Erin, Joe, and I.


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