Friday, September 27, 2013

Moving On Up! (Quite Literally)

We are moving this weekend so things are going to slow down quite a bit on I'm No Domestic Goddess until we get settled into the new place. I will try to be back as soon as possible and if you NEED to get a hold of me, I will be checking my email as often as I can so please contact me at shannonfaith3(at)gmail(dot)com. So goodbye for now and I will talk to you all when I'm situated in my new home! Wish us luck with moving!

P.S. I have a ton of giveaways going on so don't forget to get your entries in!

NEW! The Pasta Shoppe Prize Pack (RV $30) - Ends 10/8
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Low entries! Baby-Beehaven Product (winner's choice) - Ends 10/2
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Low entries! Rufus and Ryan Go To Church Board Book - Ends 10/3
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