Sunday, October 13, 2013

Baby Safe Ink Print Kit Review

The Baby Safe Ink Print Kit is a must have for every new baby registry! I really wish I would've had this when Baby Z was born. Right before she was born, I had bought a non-toxic ink pad for her but the footprint came out really light and when I put the footprint in her baby book, it smeared ink all over the place! Even 2 years later, if you touch her footprint, you'll get ink on your hand! Ridiculous! Well, luckily for my next baby I have found The Baby Safe Ink Print Kit! Not only do you get really dark, detailed prints but it doesn't smear whenever you touch it! Its absolutely perfect for baby books, scrapbooks, photo albums, and home-made newborn birth announcements.

Each kit comes with four ink strips, 4 blank white acid-free 8.5 x 5.5 cards, two individually wrapped moisturizing and hypoallergenic wipes, and detailed instructions with photos to help. These premium quality ink strips pick up every fine detail of the baby's print and doesn't fade over the years. You can use more ink for very dark prints and less for lighter prints

They recommend that for children with less natural oils on their skin that parents wipe the hand or foot with the included wipe prior to applying ink. This will moisturize the skin and make wipe off of ink easier. I decided to not risk it and just do that so I strapped Baby Z in her BebePod (any highchair would work), gave her some toys, and got started. Here are my results:

The left picture is her foot with the ink on it. The right picture is the "after" picture, some ink is there but barely.

 The picture below is a comparison to her footprint when she was born. Please wait a moment while I sob about the fact that my child has grown when I wasn't looking. Anyway, look at the difference in darkness and definition. Not to mention, there are NO smudges next her new footprint and I don't see her new footprint fading anytime soon. I really wish I would've had the Baby Safe Ink Print Kit when Baby Z was born so I would have a better print of her little foot!


  • Made in USA
  • Non-toxic
  • Latex free
  • No harsh chemicals at all
  • Works on most papers and porous surfaces
  • Greater detail in prints
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use


  • The ink doesn't come off with just water (because its mineral oil based) and even with the provided wipe, I did have to scrub her foot pretty good. I don't keep baby oil or anything like it on hand so I only had the wipes they provided to get the ink off. I think with another wipe or two, this would not be a problem at all! 

Overall, I highly recommend the Baby Safe Ink Print Kit and I will be using it for all my future babies as well as buying some for baby shower gifts! I love that its made in the USA, non-toxic, and most of all, its affordable! I have not seen any other ink that is comparable to this when it comes to quality-- the pictures speak for themselves!

Buy It!: The Baby Safe Ink Print Kit is sold exclusively on Amazon here!

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