Monday, April 3, 2017

Make Perfectly Shaped Burgers with a Burger Press!

Hello, all! My family and I are FINALLY over the flu so I've been able to get back to normal activities including blogging and cooking! I've been waiting until I was feeling better so I could make my family some delicious hamburgers with my new Yumms! Burger Press.

I have been wanting a hamburger press for awhile now so I was pretty excited to try out this one. What is a hamburger press? I'm so glad you asked! Hamburger presses are a really neat invention that allow you to make the perfectly shaped and uniform burgers. So basically they're the secret to making absolutely perfect burgers and they are seriously a must-have kitchen tool for anyone who grills hamburgers!

By definition, Hamburger Presses are a fairly simple invention- just two pieces that you press together to form a neat patty. I've never seen one quite like this one though as it actually comes in 3 pieces. It comes with a "lifter" that helps you lift the patties out of the press easily so you don't have to touch the meat. So simple yet such a great help!

I chopped up onions and mixed them in the meat. Yummy!
Yumms! Burger Press Features:
-Makes patties from 1/4" to 5/8" thick for either regular or stuffed hamburgers
-Features a handy 'lifter' that lifts the patty out of the press
-Made from thick, durable BPA free plastic - So cleanup is always easy
-Light-weight, ergonomic handle makes operating this burger shaper effortless

-Dishwasher safe!
-100% Satisfaction Lifetime Guarantee

I'm so happy with the Yumms! Burger Press; it makes perfectly uniform burgers, it seem really durable, it comes with a useful "lifter," and its so easy easy to clean because it's dishwasher safe! If you don't own a hamburger press, I highly recommend this one. You will not regret it (and if you do regret it, Yumms! has a 100% satisfaction guarantee but I doubt you will regret it).

We finished off our perfect burgers with pepper jack cheese, lettuce, and onions! I'm not going to lie, these were the best hamburgers I've ever made. They were cooked evenly and they were all a uniform size! Just looking at this picture of them makes my mouth water... they were that good!

You can buy your own Burger Press on Amazon! 

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  2. That is simply delicious! If you want to experience delicious and perfectly shaped home made burgers, visit our Facebook page to find out how to get 20% of on Yumms! premium burger press!

  3. Wow! I had never heard of a Burger Press before (yep, I'm the SAHM that never gets out LOL). Thanks for the thorough post, would definitely make it easier for the hamburger to fit the bun!

  4. This looks really useful. We (at least, I) have a lot of trouble forming burgers, they just seem to fall apart. And the uniform size is so helpful, too - this way they all cook evenly. I'm going to treat myself, thanks for introducing another super product to us! =)

  5. I need to get one of these to help me make the perfect burger! This press made the burgers turn out great! Thanks for the review on this!

  6. I would love to try one of these out. I make about 60 burgers a month to put in the freezer so it looks very useful.

  7. I have always wanted a burger press, as well! It looks like it works great!

  8. We got for xmas And we love it. We make a lot of pattys specially with the summer coming up.

  9. Now this would be extremely helpful to have, I usually have to use my hands to make the burgers, and sometimes they can fall apart, so this is awesome.

  10. Oh this looks so neat! I always have such a hard time making my own. This would be perfect for us!


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