Tuesday, December 6, 2016

DIY Package From Santa!

Z was really excited to send her first letter to Santa this year so I wanted to continue the fun and send her a little surprise in return! There are companies devoted to sending packages from Santa to your child and I wanted that same magic but for a fraction of the price. So, I made our own Package from Santa for under $10! 

Things You Need:
Letter From Santa
Envelope/gift box
Christmas confetti
Stickers, small toys, etc
Optional: Ribbon and decorations for box 

There are a ton of websites to find free letters from Santa but FreeLettersFromSanta.com is my favorite. Their site is easy to use, they have several templates to choose from, and they let you preview the letter before deciding to save it (not all the websites have this option!). Just fill in the blanks with your child's information, print it out, and you get a free letter from Santa!

 I bought some colorful Christmas confetti and a few Christmas themed toys from the Dollar Tree (and a $3 Lego Reindeer from Target!). I placed the goodies and confetti in the box, wrapped the box with tissue paper, and tied a ribbon around it.

I originally was on the hunt for a shiny silver or red envelope to mail this surprise in but I couldn't find one so I decided to go with a Santa gift box and tissue paper wrapping from the dollar store instead and just leave it near the fireplace rather than mail it. I mean, Santa has magic so he doesn't need to use the USPS, right?


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