Monday, September 16, 2013

Meijer Fall Fashion Review

I love everything about Fall... The smells, the leaves, the chilly air, pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING, and of course fall fashion! My favorite (and only) sister-in-law, Ashley, came into town this past weekend and Meijer sent us off to their store to try out their new Fall Fashions! Needless to say, we didn't turn down the opportunity! The two of us are already big fans of Meijer so we were very excited to go through their new fall clothes! These are our favorite finds:

Isn't she pretty?? I just love her!
 Ashley's Outfit:
Jeans- Ariya Jeans $28
Shirt- Almost Famous $12
Sweater- Massini $24
Scarf- $15

This outfit was so easy to put together and Ashley really wanted to accessorize it with a scarf so we spent quite a bit of time in the scarf section. Truth be told, all of the scarves looked great with this outfit! It would so easy to personalize this look for yourself or someone else by just switching out the scarf or choosing a different sweater color!

This was our favorite outfit we found!
 Ashley's 2nd Outfit:
Sweater- Massini $24
Shirt- Heartsoul $20
Leggings- Massini $10
Boots- $40

Here's a close-up of her boots:

Ashley was super obsessed with those boots and she said that she will going back to buy them! Both of the outfits she chose are completely her style. I was hesitant when she picked up that gray sweater but look how well it completed both outfits. I think I have a pretty good idea of what to get her for Christmas! I wish I would've gotten a picture of the back of her pink striped shirt, it had the coolest, most unique back I've ever seen!

My turn! Look how flattering those jeans are! Love them!
My Outfit:
Shirt- Massini $22
Jeans- Ariya Jeans $28
Shoes- Punk Rose (flats) $25
(White undershirt was mine)

I'm not the most fashion-forward person but Ashley made it seem easy to just throw outfits together with layers. As you can see, we had a blast and we found some great outfits for reasonable prices! They seriously have a huge variety that would be great for any body style. Did you see those skinny jeans on me? SKINNY JEANS! They fit and looked surprisingly great! Needless to say, I was a really happy girl! If you're looking some great Fall Fashions this season, I highly recommend checking out Meijer first!

Also, Meijer is hosting a Pinterest contest where pinners have a chance to win one of FIVE $100 gift cards. Enter to win here! Hurry though because winners will be chosen the first week of October!

Click the picture below to go the Meijer Fall Lookbook for trends and inspiration!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are completely my own!

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  1. Very cute boots, a gal can never had too many pairs of boots. The scarf really jazzed up your outfit on the photo number one. Love the outfit.


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